Video development [paid]

I’m not sure this is the right board to post…

I need to find someone that can develop a few short videos with hospital scenes for a demo I’m putting together for a training application at school.

This is a paid gig. I’d appreciate any sort of leads to somebody who you think would be interested in a thing like this.

The videos would include scenes such as:
-Doctors walking
-Doctors talking to patients
-Nurses reaching for equipment or props
-Doctors manipulating instruments (for example, applying an injection to a patient, or securing IV)
-Nurse talking to other nurse in a desk, then going to another room.
-A few different rooms should be setup with equipment (I’d provide that if needed, but any library that’s remotely relevant would work)
-Doctor preparing some equipment on a table (not too detailed)
-Doctor reaching for a drug in a cabinet…
…and a few more things like this…

I’d really appreciate your [paid] help or any ideas or pointers you might have.

cool but here are some problems:

Doctors talking to patients. not verry typical but it is possible with faceposing. may take a while

i have not seeen any “good” Nurse models
Manipulating instruments…may look bad. Unless fncypnts, DasBoschitt, or the like will take your offer I doubt it tough
i wont do this for you.
it will take alot of time and effort to do this

I suppose we could cut some corners, and fake some of the talking, it wouldn’t have to be lip syncing proper…

I need an approximation, and I’m flexible in terms of what can be done.

… and like I said… I’ll pay for your time.

If not here, I’d also appreciate any leads to other forums/people that might be able to pull something like this off.

how much money?


also why don’t you make it your self, why should we cheat for you so you can get into a medical school/training

I rather have the guy who is saving my life or in the medical field get there with OUT cheating.

That doesn’t make any sense

Hes asking us to do his work.
Be he teacher or student, we shouldn’t help him…

UNLESS the pay is really really good.

Let me clarify:

I run a design studio, and also teach design at a university.
I’m designing a training game, for doctors and nurses.
I need to make a demo of this game.
I think gmod is a good way to do it
The game involves sequences like the ones described in my previous post
I have no skills to develop this myself, that’s why I’m seeking skilled people to do it.
I’m willing to pay a fair fee (per project or by the hour) to make it worth your while.

I don’t think there’s any cheating involved here, but what do I know…

why would you make a trail/teaser/demo for a game using a engine that is unrelated, its like… If the crysis engine was used for a half life 2 teaser…

I just need to show other people the game potential.
If you have a better idea of how to show scenes like the one I described, animated… I’d certainly appreciate your leads. Gmod seemed to be a nice solution. You don’t agree?

The foundations of ‘work’ throughout time have been based off of profit on other people’s effort.
Do you think Bill Gates coded Windows 7? No, but he seems to get a lot of credit for it…

Seems like an excellent opportunity. You could either do what your doing already for free, or get paid for it.

I grab a camera, and film it in RL.

All I can say, is you will get people who will take you up on the offer, but look into their videos first so it dosn’t end up being a 5 minute video with a hud showing and horrible quality and you end up paying for that.

what’s RL?


oh, real life. Well, that shows me that either you are completely clueless or you are teasing with me…

oh, how much fun. you should do this professionally.
oh shit, wait…

In that sense, you are right. I’ll make sure I don’t hire someone blind.

But as far as I can see, you can’t make a ragdoll walk, which seems to be a pretty big limitation…
any ideas on how else to make a game teaser that involves some animation? should I bite the bullet and do it in 3dsmax or blender?? seems like a huge task, i’m looking to cut some corners.

using the camera stool and the NPC control tools isn’t that hard…

You are better off doing it your self and learning how to make a gmod machinma, you will save money too.

Jesus Scout, get off this man’s back, he wants to make a machinima and wants actors, he would be considered the director, honestly mayte, such useless post’s.

I just gave him a suggestion to save his ass money, so he dosn’t end up having someone doing it and get a 5 minute video on construct with the hud showing.

but ill do it for free if he youtube with credits me.

He doesn’t CARE about the money, and he probably doesn’t want to spend an enormous amount of time learning how to make a decent machinima. Why would you do it for free if there is money to be had?

He probably won’t be using garrysmod more then this one time, it’d be useless to fill his brain up with information from a game he may or may not play

I didn’t know you could read his mind.

for the best economic and best out come he should do it himself, he can go read a few guides.

Scout, you are so wrong here that you have vaulted over the border between wrong and absurd. Gmod is an awesome prototyping tool.

I can sort of figure out your principles by reading the many stands you have already taken in this thread (listed below), but which REALLY apply here?

“Work hard do it yourself”?
“Watch out or someone will do a shitty job of it”?
“I wont help you cheat your way through medical school”?
“Its dishonest to use hl2 engine to make a proof of concept video for something”?
“This is a project to be done with traditional video”?

I think you need to back off, or better yet, make the video like you threatened!!!