Video Editing for Rust (question mark)

Hi guys. I’ve been video editing for a while now. Call of Duty editing for the most part, but some real life footage as well.

I was just curious if garry or any of the devs would like any help VFX-wise. I have no clue with what, just offering my hobby as a service.

I have been in contact with the director of Black Ops 2 (David Vonderhaar) for almost a year now. This is a picture of the first time he noticed my video editing. I’ve also had a potential job offer with TreyArch, but couldn’t legally because of age, location, etc.

Just let me know guys if I can help with anything. I would really be happy to support such awesome developers who are always hard at work.

EDIT - FOR EXAMPLE, If you are looking for anyone to edit a quick video for when it goes on steam or maybe something of that sort. I’m just trying to expand and help at the same time.

An example of my work:
My YouTube channel:

Please PM my FP if you need any help. Thanks <3

it’s neat i guess

but killmontages are literally the worst video editing example ever. i’m not a rustdev, but do you have something with less quickscoping?

that would, be awesome c:

Im sorry, you have a very valid point :slight_smile:
Sadly, I don’t have any very recent videos of real life footage being composted by myself. All I can say is its been my hobby for almost 6 years, and I’ve learned everything from Photoshop, After Effects, Sony Vegas, and Cinema 4d. I have years of knowledge and even though they have contributed to mostly call of duty videos, I still can use them for other things, like rust. Thanks for the comment though :downs:

Woah, such a great guy. This guy really wants to help out. Such nice great guy. Thank.

Although your editing may be represented through “killmontages” your videos show that you hold an excessive amount of experience in video editing, especially since David Vonderhaar contacted you since he noticed you have skill and hold potential in the field of video editing. Your future in video editing could branch out to many different things and helping out this company with their new game Rust, if you can work it out, might be that door to lead you to new things and give you experience in a new field of business. I hope you can further your career through this and your many other endeavors, good luck.

I think i also could apply.
Im interesed in video editing and VFX
I even have polish tutorials for AAE

Also i have a trailer for post apocalyptic movie but its not color corrected and my VFX in it is a bit outdated.

And some of my old video also but the VFX is outdated too ( done badly in sony vegas and footage looks amateurish beacuse i wasnt a camera man :frowning:

Only 0:22 was done in AAE.

It’s a girl