Video recording help

Hi, i’ve built a tv studio in gm_construct with RT cams. I mean like a real studio with a greenscren, some NPC’s and stuff all over the place. Well now i want to record from the one and only RT cam in the studio. Does any one know i could do that?

Please help :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you use source recorder and a normal camera?

No, unfortantly not cause i need do move things while it’s recordeing.

Hmm…try WeGame or Fraps, or maybe even Hypercam, any which you think are best, just ask around first.

Use the “record” command in the console, that records a demo. When you’re playing back a demo (using the “playdemo” command), hit Shift+F2 to open the menu, and from there you can access the camera control tool, which lets you fly around like you have noclip on. That way, you won’t have to do anything while reocrding.

Yeah. But its in .dem format cork. How is he gonna convert it?

Will that record from the RendertRaget camera while am aloud to like mova an objct while its recording?
Edit: Dump Question: How do i get up the console?? :S :wink:

Just record it with a normal recorder when playing the demo back.


You need to do all your object moving/whatever while you’re recording the initial demo, as it can’t be changed during playback.

Just use Xfire. Its completly free and you can play gmod normally while its filming.