VIDEO - Safe Base Designs #1

First video ever captured, edited and uploaded. Hope you like it and thanks for watching.

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I’ve done this base design, and it works as it makes it annoying for people to raid, however its also a organization nightmare for you and your team in the base. Also filing up the base with so many metal doors will eat at your metal stores for A LONGGGGG TIME, which mean less weapons for you and your team, but to each their own.

One upside to this base is you don’t even have to bother with pillaring up the base as it doesn’t really matter which floor they blow into as your stash is spread out

But why would you need organization? All resources will be crafted into weapons, armor and ammo so all you have to do is to walk through some doors, search the crates and stop untill you got everything you need.

And though I agree that it eats up our metal stores, I dont think that you need that many weapons… you can only wield one M4 at the time;) and if you don’t die much you really don’t need the extra metal.

thx for the reply

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Why not just place boxes in each room but all the loot in a specific room?

Thats what I do. And block the doorways with them so that if someone tries to blow the door the crate will absorb some of the damage. And when the walls eventually fall - your enemies have to crouch through the gap to come in. While you shoot them.

very good question;) the reason for this is that we usually have so much loot that 1 room won’t do unless we build that particular room full with large storage crates (and this makes it pretty easy to find as you can peak through wooden walls). But where would you place your ‘master loot room’? the problem is that they can by chance find it after blowing up a couple of doors/walls. with your loot divided and spread between al your rooms you rule out this chance and just give them some loot every time instead of all your loot at once. Again it is not raid proof but just a design which enables you to protect yourself from being totally raided and waking up completely broke

Also this design is focused on keeping raiders out while you are offline as we find that we are mostly raided in the middle of the night. building raid proof bases is kinda impossible atm cause people always tend to find some way to get in.

keep it coming guys!:eng101:

Not bad. Somethings to consider… No boxes on the outside layer of your base, because as you mentioned a flare or flashlight can help people see into your base and know where to punch through, unless you set them out there as decoy boxes forcing the raiders to spend C4 for nothing.

G4MERS TIP Of the Day: Want to hide your C4? place 3 secret stashes down, place a sleeping bag on top, the stashes now never render, but you have access to them. This gives you 9 secret stash areas to hide C4, weapons and so forth.

On your video, nice job… look forward to other videos by you in the future.

Is this why everyone keeps destroying my sleeping bag or is it because they are just dicks?

Maybe a bit of both, but for me I always destroy beds/sleeping bags if i’m raiding. dunno but it gives you some statisfaction to know that by your doing your victims have to walk all the way back:P

I will probably release an update on this video to point some things out and present an alteration of this design due to some changes in the game. Any suggestions, tips or feedback are more than welcome before I start producing Episode 2;)

you can be raided with 1 sleeping bag

Using the shitty glitch that allows you place them through walls?
Nice contribution man, good to know.

I’m not aware of this glitch but even so i will not alter a design just because there is a glitch in the game wich is probably going to get fixed soon. And even if you could get in by placing sleeping bag inside, kill yourself and spawn in one of my treausre rooms… how will you get out with my loot?

Done this for such a long time that it isn’t funny :slight_smile: Not only that, but i’ll tend to make a large base because I can and barely carry much of anything in it… certainly not worth the charges needed to blow through everything. I mean really… who needs to carry 20 m4’s ? :wink:

VIDEO - Safe Base Designs #2

Second video in our Safe Base Designs series, Hope you guys like it and thx for watching;)

As long your video can prevent a 50 c4 base raid, I would deem it as safe because I had a many doors and wall’s base and still got raided. We counted 20 doors gone and some walls are missing. Secondly, one stairs? The enemy can grief you by chopping down all your stairs and replacing it with ceilings.

In our server griefing is not allowed, you can always build more stairs ofc if you want to rule out this problem. In my case however thats not really neccasery but thx for the tip.

To prevent base greifing you can always put a door on each floor facing out so you always have a way out of the base or to get your gear out. Also you can pick a corner and put a pillar up the middle of it so even if they smash the stairs and ceiling up your base you can jump down. I did this in my base after one of mine got greifed.

So something like this if you are doing a 3x3:


P is the foundation that has a pillar in the middle that will go all the way up to other floors and S is the stairs. Leading into the pillar room I always door it off as well. This always leaves you a way down if you get greifed. Just some thoughts

What server? I want in lol…I’m so sick of people walking in and griefing a base that took 3 days worth of resources to build.