Video settings revert when i start up Garry's Mod

I put all of my video settings to the max, then they revert back to recommended settings the next time i start the game up

I didn’t have this issue with Garry’s Mod 12 nor does it happen with any other Source Engine game, but i did have this problem throughout the 13 beta and i’m still having this happen

Anyone else having this issue?

only with Left 4 Dead 2 and Portal 2.

My problems with Gmod are it wasn’t tested on win XP (fix is in the works), and gmod nolonger opening up in a window.

It sounds like one of the files is read only somewhere. Im not sure which one stores player information.

I checked userconfig, config, config_default, and gmod_cvars_cl, those aren’t read-only

The config file has my suicide and third and first person commands, it seems to save keys but not video settings

The console says userconfig is over 1 MB (it’s actually blank and 0 bytes), the only config file closest to a megabyte is the config file which is 8.49 KB, could that be interfering in some way?

A temporary fix for you would be to set Garry’s Mod’s launch options to execute your desired resolution at startup.
To do this, right click Garry’s Mod 13 Beta>Properties>Set Launch Options and then type in “-w 1920 -h 1080” and press OK. Note: If your max resolution is less that 1920x1080, change it to your desired resolution. This is just a temporary fix for resolution only.

Oh whoops, forgot to mention, my resolution doesn’t get changed

Anyway, until the way to fix this has been found out, i’m gonna continue using my autoexec file to max out my graphics