Video Settings won't save.

Recently, I purchased a custom built gaming desktop. It runs GMod very well, always above ~80 fps. The resolution for the monitor I use is 1920x1080.

However, GMod, by default, starts with a Resolution of 1024x768, instead of my native 1920x1080. Along with that, the Texture Quality is set to Low, which should be Very High. Also, the filtering settings are both set to None, when I need to set them to 8x and 16x Anti. I need to do that, and set my resolution every time I start up Gmod, which is beginning to become very annoying. I noticed that when I’d do it, in console, it’d say that it couldn’t write to userconfig.cfg. So, I went into the cfg folder, and created a userconfig.cfg, along with an autoexec.cfg. I made sure nothing was read-only, and nothing was. However, it stopped giving me the ‘could not write’ error.

Yet, I still have to re-do the video settings every time I have to start up GMod. Does anyone know any particular cause for this issue? I’d appreciate the support.

Try verifying, and do you have any addons?

I do not have any addons, and I did verification of the files, but didn’t work.