Video: The most useless Road in Rust

I don’t know if this is the ONLY road in the server, but I certainly hope not…

Haha, yea, road systems are definately a work in progess. They need to change the power line poles so they for a more straight line, regardless of the road. Rural power-line systems dont usually follow the road, as it is usually less efficient (you can build power lines up and down slopes easier) and roads usually need more switch backs. Of course this is Rust, and not real life. I hate to compare this game to DayZ (or any other game for that matter) but I really did feel like roads/power line system was very genuine feeling. Of course it is very difficult to copy a system like that with procedural-drawn maps.

But I like the fact that Rust is starting to look more like a once-healthy and inhabited planet.

Yeah, jokes aside the roads are an amazing feature. I really hope they eventually become a connected loop that still managed to touch all the monuments. Maybe add some tire tracks, abandoned tires laying on the road, car parts, etc.

I have the twitter open almost 24/7 and check it constantly, I have no idea how I missed that. Thanks for posting it tho.

I agree that the new procedural road system needs some tweaking, but I love that it is in now, and makes navigating SO much easier, (even if you are not navigating along the roads, they are reference points that connect your journey together).

Yes, they sometimes zig-zag randomly for no reason, and currently just come to a dead-end where bridges should be, but they are already a massive improvement on no roads!

Re: The telephone poles / utility poles - I’m sure this is already planned, but currently they look too uniform with every pole standing at 90 degrees and in perfect condition. Randomly, every 4th or 5th pole should be either snapped off, fallen down, crooked or missing, to give them slightly more realism and a less “uniformed” feel.

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Now all we need are little hotdog stand feeding stations. Like they do with deer feeding stations attracting large groups of newmans during feeding times.

Love the roads, but I would prefer a more tarmac/concrete type. I somehow always imagined Rust as a world where water levels have risen. So, I would love to see a 3 or 4 lane broken highway running through it, from one coast to another. Maybe an abandoned service/rest area.