[Video] Top Tier Building - Amazing!

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We need a Nokia Bomb!!! Haha

is this newest update or? Metal is not the same look as usual

Recent update… This metal is stronger than the other - this is metal blocks lvl 2.

Ah okey. But if we already have metal houses they will not be in this metal? We need to reupgrade it again

I read LVL2 sorry,

What does it take to make these parts? I have a ton of wood, stone, and metal frags but this option doesn’t show for me.

Update did not come yet. I think its still only for testers or devs. It will be released soon i guess

Just change to dev branch :slight_smile:

The existing corrugated metal should really be the next tier after wood. You can punch that shit with a knife. Stone should be stronger.

Rebar reinforced concrete!

I do think that it is a “stone” building part in the game, not necessarily a concrete building part.