Video Tutorial on NPC Shop

So I used this but cant figure out where to add a derma menu, or how to spawn the NPC. Is there a video tutorial anywhere I can watch, or atleast can someone comment in depth on what I need to do? Any help will be appreciated, im beyond lost here.

  1. Add the menu anywhere clientside

  2. ents.create for spawning an NPC

  3. - this is called when you press E on an entity, you’ll wanna use the Net Library to open the menu on the activator

Thank you much. Did you by chance make the Nirandra MOTD? I use it on my server(Im also still a bit lost, can I put the ents.create in with the cl_init like the menu, and same for the wiki link you gave me? Sorry im all new to this.)

Hahah, I did indeed

the ents.create creates the entity and must be done on the server, wiki explains and gives an example on how it’s used:

NPCs are just entities, so you could look for already existing code on the workshop or and read through it