Video tutorials

Any ideas as to things I could make tutorials of that people have problems with?

I’ll make a list here

  • Advanced Ballsocket
  • Right click axis & Ballsocket/axis linedraw
  • Various other types of suspension
  • Weight tool & welding
    what else?


i can do ACF stuff as well. don’t ask about how to E2 or anything, i’m not so good with that.

how do eye maek an roap?

i don’t mean super basic things, I mean tricks and uses of special things.

alternative power to cars other than thruster in the ass? :v:

…that doesn’t make it spin out of control

ennnnh. people know how to use the wheel tool.

how about a wheel slave and master?

Make some plane tutorial. I don’t mean jet fighter, I mean like biplane shit. do it do it do it do it.

eeeeeh fuck it I already know how to. Make a troll tutorial. (Ask mamba for expert help on subject.)

Fin tooool!..please

make a tutorial on how you make your cars and buggies so perfect

Jet / plane and heli would be lovely.

You should do another tutorial for Precision Alignment, it has more uses to it than just mirroring props. :colbert:

but mirroring props is pretty damn useful :v:

I never understood what the variables for the elastic constraint really did and what were good values for different uses. vOv

Plane/jet control surfaces with or without fin tool would be handy

how do i maek wire truster?

A tutorial on stuff that the tools can do, that not eveyone knows.

i like this idea

Parenting correctly to make a vehicle, i just started using the tool actually and it fails epicly when i try to attach wheels, no matter what order i do things in

How to layer your acf shit properly.
I’ve done alot of acf tanks but only a few of them has good armor.
I’ve mostely experimented with having thick props on the outside and thin props on the inside. Everything at highest possible angle and shit.


You could just record while building a tank, mech, car, whatever. Just make sure the mouse is visible on the video.

Building an acf tank for me usually takes a initial 3-4 hours of design and basic systems and then about 2 days to a week of armor testing and rigorous testing before it’s finished (if i’m happy with it.)