Does anyone want to make any kind of garrys mod video
i have fraps so i can get the recording
and i have a youtube account so i can post it (dont worry i will give credit :P)
btw i cant rly host my own sever :confused:

Hi id like to make some kind of gmod video too!And i can host a server.

i guess i would help if i could, any thing more specific?

I’ll make a suggestion:
Soldier Vs Demoman

i could be a voice actor and a screen actor. which ever really.

Also, i have an idea for a movie. clears throat A reenactment of the nuke seen from COD4 MW: mission Shock and Awe.
we just need some stuff like a heli, nuke pack, maybe COD4 guns, aaaand probably COD4 player skins.

COD4 MW player models:
COD4 Guns:
Nuke pack 5:
heli: (this one actually has the propeller spinning, al the others had thrusters and all that crap, bu its not COD4 style.)

to add me if i get in: Steam ID: Medi Guy