VideoCopilot Models | Optimized for Source [still working on the topic][/T]
Hello it is Matthias and i’ve decided to port VideoCopilot models for Source!, and they are optimized (VC models are HIGH-POLY)

If you ever already have VC models, which are optimized for Source. Put them in the topic, and i’ll integrate them.


It is a Mega folder with all the packs folder in it, they will be uploaded just wait. You need to giveaway your E-Mail, for accessing the folder and you’ll have a invite with it (Mega don’t rule at all…).

Mega Folder

[Note : If you want to access to the models, it is a private folder you need to give away an e-mail to me V.I.A PM, for accessing and downloading the models, and if you want to upload models i’ll give you the authorisation you just need to ask me through Steam. I recommand using a ghost e-mail.]

You basically need 3ds Max 2012 or less, and you’ll need a SMD exporter so what you are going to do is simply install it over your 3DSMAX/PLUGINS/ file and you now can export objects for Source. The Source Engine limit for polygons is 10 000, you need to use ProOptimizer (which is integrated in 3DS Max) for optimizing the models it needs to be less then 10 000 polygons. And now we need to compile it as a .mdl so we’ll use GUIStudioMDL (there is a tutorial thanks to Jaanus which you can see here.)

For the materials you need VTFEdit to convert them to .VTF there is a tutorial in the topic.

Also thanks to PalmliX for the information, he said :

Models Screenshots (well almost all models, for the rest get them i can’t screen all of them) :

Disclaimer : I am not responsible of what you are doing with the files.

Useful Links :

Download the .OBJ packs through there.
SMD Exporter
Download VTFEdit
VTFEdit tutorial by Mornedil
How to Optimize models through 3DS Max
How to compile models for the Source Engine by Jaanus
Download GUIStudioMDL
Valve Developer Community


I am still working on the topic, if you can help me that will be nice.

Actually source can handle something like 370k polys if the model is compiled using dmx as opposed to smd. Regardless it’s still probably a good idea to reduce the poly’s. :smiley: But yah even using smd I think something like around 80k polys is possible.

Also if you want you can add me through Steam and i’ll provide you obj’s if you wish to help me guys.

I’ve never used Video Copilot before, but Google images makes some of the models look nice and very useful.

Also guys for accessing the private folder with the files, you need to give away an e-mail to me (ghost emails can be used, i recommand to use them) for that i send you an invite to see the folder.

Well, just take some screens of the models from the VC and post them here. I think you know how to post images, because you made the OP look pretty cool and functional.

Doing a list of all the packs (well almost) its long so i’ll post it.

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The list is posted in the topic (well almost all of the models, like a quarter but for the rest just get them through any way.)

These would be great for Sfm

I’d like a new banana model. The one in CSS is all big and blocky.