Vietcong/NVA request

Hello guys…

I am Vietnam war fan and i’m very sad when i see there is lot of Americans but just a few (not good quality) Vietnamese

Can anyone make Vietminh/Vietcong or NVA from 7554 or Vietcong 2 ??.. (or other games with Vietnam war theme).

Thank you so much.

PS: sorry for my English…

Try to look for the CoD Black Ops MP Vietcong, i remember them being ported a while ago

i know about this models…but its not quality and NOT REAL… (like everything from CoD)

we need something like US Vietnam soldiers from same autor…but with Vietnamese (ofcourse)

Yeah, those ones are pretty crap. I was planning to make the NVA from Bad Company 2, but never got around to it. I really should finish those.

wow, it’s will be good…and i ask you. Do you know somebody who can make Vietnam maps??


Look around on the steam workshop, there should be a few more or less ok jungle maps there.

There’s also some moderately decent maps over at GameBanana as well if they can’t find any on the Workshop that they’d want to use.