Vietnam burning - My editing workflow (video)

The first hour of editing wasn’t recorded because the screen capture program was being a bitch. But it was just the tedious isolation process of the background and characters which most people find boring anyway.

Original picture by RocketGunner
Realtime version is 4h 25mins
If you’ve got any questions, just ask.

Bonus Stuff I edited for the Unedited Screens Thread in the last weeks:**

Hot damn, I could never spend 4 hours editing.

now that is impressive

Would be cool if you included psd so we can see more of what you did.

Can you also inform me on what brush set you used for smoke, and how you did it, (what color, layer setting, that orange overlay, etc.etc.etc.)

Upload your stocks folder.

For the good of all of us.

Install texmod, run games, get textures yourself, winning dance party.

That’s funny to see we have the same taste for these washed out/vintage colors.

Great job on making this picture pretty. Sadly I suck at Photoshop :tinfoil:

As i said on steam, it looks like like a pMnky between joazzz picture.

Up’d the psd file for you guys, thanks for the comments so far.
Link to the .psd

You guys don’t know what your missing.

Texmod gives me textures for maps, stock pictures for muzzleflashes, explosions, weird as lights, all kinds of shit.

Damn it, thats OSOM
80% ph, 20% gm :smiley:

The Pareto principle of an epic image

Hehe nice work :wink:.

Looks awesome. And Btw, how did you do the smoke trials? I’ve been wondering for ages how to do smoke right.