Vietnam mod

I was wondering where i’d be able to get this mod, I played on this server:

and loved it, wanted to make a server myself

It’s a private gamemode.


do you know who the author is?

It is an modified DarkRP Server. I would suggest to seek an Team Deathmatch Base and code an Class Support into it. Some VGUI here and there, a bit of vietnam models and a good map. There you go :slight_smile:

No you cannot have my server content, sorry.

If you’re skilled in the art of copy pasting you should be able to knock this out in about 20 seconds.

Just played, darkrp + coderhire + workshop

i got a free weekend and a vps
i think ill create ww2 dm lol

Except that my gamemode has custom coded scripts that makes it more of a deathmatch gamemode rather than a just coderhire made scripts. It takes some time to make it than you think

Before you call it “your gamemode” just try to code one yourself and dont edit darkrp lol

Really i didnt see anything custom
tell me please what plugins are custom ?

by what i saw its darkrp, sleekhud, expbar, workshop playermodels, custom jobs and a map changer

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yeah, tho he can call it his edit of darkrp

Team Balancing, Vehicle Spawner, Health Regen, XP Multiplier, NPC Shop and more.

tho most of those are edits, not custom addons

Team Balancing = 2 minutes of work
Vehicle Spawner = 5 minutes of work with getting the coords
Health Regen = 1 minute of work
XP Multiplier = 2-5 minutes of work with studying the coderhire script
NPC Shop = 5-10 minutes of work

Wow you spent very long on creating your server!

hey tutoria lets do ww2 dm this weekend ? i got a vps and all addons he got + more, also im bored ahaha

Well i dont know if you ever heard of Battlefield: GMod?
Thats my TDM gamemode which I MADE COMPLETELY MYSELF. :smiley:
Well we could do a ww2 server as well lol.
Also with my extremely heavy calculations we should be finished after 23 minutes! ( 2+5+1+5+10=? oh no its ehmm… YEAH 23! )

I get no credit ;(

okay sorry…Pie’s did the lame Battlefield: GMod website ;D

Nope never heard of it
im actually looking for gamemodes to host other the ttt and murder xd is it good ?

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11.5 minutes if you split the job to two persons

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oh shit you bet me in my calculation!
Hahaha! Want to add me in steam, mate? :smiley:

Sure, i sent an invite

Is this looking good for dm ?