Vietnam Models Pack 2.0 [Official Release]

Thanks to everyone who waited patiently for this re-release. I’d also like to thank Simkas and Spike for giving me permission to upload their work.


The pack is a collection of Vietnam-themed models. It contains 12 ragdolls, 16 weapons, and 4 miscellaneous props. Full credit to the original authors can be found in the .zip file. A user-optional pack of nine high-resolution facemaps is also included, courtesy of FakeFactory. Installation/deletion instructions are in the Read-Me file. A spawnlist is included with the files. The pack is in addon format.


  • 1st Air Cavalry (9 Models)
  • U.S. Marine (Caucasian)
  • U.S. Marine (African-American)
  • Viet Cong (1 Model)


  • M16A1 (Includes 4 Textures)
  • Model 653P
  • M14
  • M870 Action Express
  • M60 (Includes 3 Models: Bipod Folded, Bipod Unfolded, No Bipod)
  • M79 “Thumper” (Includes 40mm Grenade Model)
  • AK-47
  • AKS-47
  • SVD “Dragunov”
  • M1911
  • TT-33
  • M26 “Lemon” (Includes Spoonless Model)
  • MK2 “Pineapple” (Includes Spoonless Model)
  • RGD-5


  • Bell UH-1 Iroquois “Huey”
  • AN/PRC-77 Radio
  • M1 Helmet
  • Straw Hat


"Gone But Not Forgotten”

“Beneath The Jungle Canopy”


Enjoy! I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

**UPDATE 12/28/12:
**Original download links are dead. Reupload provided below.
However, this pack is now obsolete. Simkas’ pack is much better:

Awesome work my man

Some of the props seem a bit flat and undetailed, but this is otherwise an excellent release, and will be much appreciated by those doing Vietnam, or even just 'nam-era work.

If only there were good jungle maps.

Quick pose.

Wow, nice.

Great pack. Could you possibly make it so the Huey has a version with the doors closed?

Anyone know any good Vietnam/jungle maps or do they not exist?

Comrade: Very specific hand-posing. Nice work.

Mendelevius: If I knew how to hack models, I’d be happy to make a bodygrouped closed-door version. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in that field. But you might be able to find a skilled modeller who’s willing to do it… just as long as the edit doesn’t violate copyright laws. I’ll check into who made the original model and get back to you.

Zeldar: There are plenty of forest/jungle maps for CS:S. Search “jungle” or “Vietnam” in the map search, and you should get some pretty interesting stuff. Helpful?

haha most of them suck that’s all

there’s a decent one on that’s like a river with a lot of palms on each side and stuff

Original model for the helicopter was made by Kuma, the ‘game’ it was in ran on the source engine, and was free, so i doubt there’d be much issue with copyright.

for some reason the person who originally ported the Huey you’ve got there messed up the UVmapping when they recompiled, as it’s meant to use 2 textures, but only uses one. Someone solved that issue for me ages ago by re-rigging the model and recompiling it (to use the same animations as the one you’ve got, meaning it’ll work with the flyable entity.)

It’s here. Still has the skin yours uses as well as the black one, just without the stuff stuck to the dashboard. If you wanted to add this to your pack i don’t think anyone would mind.

Another pack of soldiers from the millions around

Holy fuck I thought you were dead.

with no better way to put it.

I hope someone hacks the air calvry heads to the US Soldiers

I now realize how shitty those rebel skins and that marine hack I did were. Ugh. I need to make some new ones soon.

You mean you are gonna hack citizen heads to the marines? :v:

Nah, the marines ended up looking shitty too. I’d rather just make something new out of something.

oh,so new Vietnam war marines?

kick ass!

Woot!!! I’m a Vietnamese