Vietnam scenery test (video)

I made a test in Vietnam style and was working with props (foliage ‘jungle’)…
And added a huey helicopter and Fortuntate Son song for the Vietnam feeling.
Nothing seriuse remember that!

(training myself for the big video)

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Also my channel

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at 0:09

Scenebuilding looked pretty damn awesome.

Totaly aggre with you:buddy:

Really good with the jungle foliage, maybe more fern foliage on the ground.

Watch ‘Apocalypse Now’ for ideas if you haven’t already, it looks really great!

Unless there a barrels full of fuel, napalm and explosives, the fucking explosions are too damn big.

Napalm is a good idea.

Color some trees black with the color tool, and use the ignite tool on them. For other trees, use the paint tool to to cover the tops with the scorch mark decal to add some detail and variation. Then, add some fire and smoke particle effects with the particle effect gun on Toybox.

Thanks :open_mouth: Helped alot, I’ve worked 1 week now and this time there’s no misstakes made. Took me 4-7 hours every scene :).

I have sketched, planned, downloaded all kinds of stuffs. Watched the movie Platoon to find idéas.
I don’t know so much about the Vietnam war.

I liked it alot :open_mouth:

The explosions could really use some work.

Map looked awesome. Agree with explosions comment^