Vietnam SOG reskins? - Just wondering

Hello all, i am just wondering is anyone has done any sort of reskin of the Simkas’ Vietnam marines. The kind i was really looking for was a camo like this:

Some nice Tiger striped soldiers would be nice, Thanks for looking!

I’m working on some

You’d think the military would stop hiring people with broken wrists.

Must be why they lost Vietnam.

Any ETA on when shall be released? They look fricken good by the way!

I had no idea about this.

Thank you simkas.

I nearly LOL’d at the jeans that guy on the far right has.

Uhhh why?

Well unless it’s some militia or undercover guy, I can’t really see military blokes wearing jeans.

But then again these are your models you’re working on, so it doesn’t really matter.

Can’t wait for those SOG guys!

I can post more photos if you want. Plenty of SEALSs wore jeans with their uniforms, the rule was that if it worked, you’d wear it.

Well, shit. I never knew that.

yeah it’s a really durable material, that’s why it’s an acceptable substitute for leather in motorcycling bodysuits