Vietnam war scene I made

“Hotel-4 this is Comanche-12, LZ is hot. I say again, landing zone no good for pick-up, hostile forces have converged on pick-up zone, how copy? Over.”

I’ve made a lot of scenes like this, I’ve just never posted them to Facepunch so feel free to leave feedback, I put a lot of time into these.
No programs outside of Garry’s Mod were used to make this, i.e. Photoshop or whatever else there is.

This is a really neat scenebuild! I would add that you should share other scenebuilds here as well. This is the perfect section for it.

I like the red smoke in the background! :wink: Nice addition. Smoke, fire, everything is there. Looks awesome!

Those Arma 2 vibes. Love em.

How could I forget audio to accompany this?

Awesome work! However, I think the image does need some SDoF.

I agree. However, I didn’t want to risk the viewer overlooking one of the details of the picture that might be easy to miss if it was slightly out of focus, like the multiple NVA regulars (there are six coming out of the treeline but some are camouflaged with brush), or the brass being expelled from the door gunner’s M-60 on the UH-1. But thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: