vietnam war

I edited a picture from ‘‘edit my screenshot thread’’



I know muzzleflash sucks and my spelling too

Nice simple rain man. Try fixing them legs and use some different models.
But yeah I know there is barley any vietnam models.

(Models to the person who made the poses)

picture isnt mine i gust edited it

Edit seems ok apart form the muzzle flash. Colors where improved. Rain is excessive though.

Choppers falling from the sky.

Rain looks too bright and fuzzy

ill work on that

The Huey rotors need to be moving and the muzzle flash needs work.

Pretty sure they didn’t use M1A1 Thomspons in the Vietnam War

They probably did, sparsely.


^ Alright… I’m man enough to admit I’m wrong

is there any good rain tutoriels

Posing and camera angle is okay, but that rain is bad