Vietnam Weapons Pack -FINAL-

[release][h2]VIETNAM WEAPONS!!![/h2]
Includes some stuff you probably won’t find in Black Ops:

Colt 1911
K Bar Knife
M61 Grenade


so this is just more sweps using the same base as everything else?
and nothing new?

No, there are a lot of unique weapons in this pack. It uses Mad Cow’s base.

Didn’t that break?

i found every weapon in that pack in black ops :stuck_out_tongue:

wrong section smart one

They work nice. Nothing is really broken.

Thought it would be great if you can change the skin of the arms, because they look like someone who came out of Operation Desert Storm.

someone fixed it, but everything gets held as a pistol

It’s not broken, it just means the creator needs to update the code, there was an animation change like a year ago that made holdtypes shared, not serverside.

I’m pretty sure someone uploaded a fix that wasn’t a fix because they are all still held like pistols D:

Well then they did it wrong.

In this pack, everything is held good. No pistol animations for every weapon.