Vietnam Weapons

[h2] Vietnam Weapons! [/h2]
[li]M79 Grenade launcher[/li][li]RPK[/li][li]AK-47[/li][li]Colt Pistol[/li][li]Dragunov SVD[/li][li]M14[/li][li]Combat Knife[/li][li]M67 Grenade[/li][li]PPSh-41[/li][/ul]
Credits to Worshipper and !~{1337}~!Role for the original base, Kuma Games for the models, sound, and textures, Blue_Skies for Lua.


Finished AK47 and M14. Adding NPC weapons.

Really looking forward to this.

Can you give some pictures of the models being used?

I’ll upload the M-14. Try it for yourself.
Currently working on the SVD. Should be done at the end of today. M14

So, I downloaded this to try it out.

I’ve got a couple of problems with it:

  • The sound (in my opinion) isn’t really powerful enough for a .308 (Or a 7.62mm if you prefer to call it that)
  • You should see about making firing modes changeable.
  • The weapon goes into the ‘1’ slot of your inventory
  • The pink and black checkered sleeves are trendy, but clash with the wooden gun.

That’s weird… I included hand textures. I don’t use the scroll down menu for weapons, I use the mouse. I’d like some feedback on which slot you’d like to put it. The firing modes ARE changeable, at least for me, when you press E+FIRE2. The sound is taken from an M1 Garand, which also fires the .30 caliber bullet. Whatever is malfunctioning must be on your computer, as no one left the same errors in the comments section.

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Just checked, everything works great. Dunno why yours is screwing up.

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BTW, called it 7.62mm because in Europe people use the metric system to measure caliber instead of imperial, so when you say caliber, they don’t know what it means.

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Whoops, my bad, wrong textures. Re-uploading. Sorry. :frowning:

Work fine for me tough the fire sound is louder on my left ear cup (headset) then my right witch is annoying.

Yeah, I have been getting that a lot. In the final version, I’ll fix it with Audacity.

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Alright, M60, RPK, and SVD are done. PPSh is nearly finished, too.

PPSh is finished. Looking into knife and grenade.

  1. What exactly have you changed in the weapon base besides applying the Update 95 fix and (I assume) holdtype fixes?

  2. This isn’t a release. Not that important, but eh.

  3. Don’t rate yourself. It’s a matter of principle, really.

  4. Be sure to credit the creators of the models you are using. Again, a matter of principle.

  5. I don’t see what bugs you could cause by simply changing up a few variables. Mad Cow’s Base is heavily commented, so really, it’s just a matter of getting the proper file paths to your models and sounds.

  6. If the skins that you are using for this came with sound scripts, just stick them into /addons/youraddonname/scripts/sounds/ and you should be fine.


What exactly did you make?

I put the models, sound, and textures together. In case you haven’t noticed, Mad Cow’s base is broken. And, no, the scripts are not that easy. Tried it, but you need a server download autorun script, and I have no idea how to do that.

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The bugs aren’t from Lua, but they are from the actual models. Mostly, it’s just the shell ejection ports that are screwed up. But so far, this only happens with the M16A1 and M60. I need a modeler to fix these, since I have 0 experience with modeling.

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New video of weapons:

Uh… resource.AddFile … it really isn’t that hard… especially not if you use the wiki’s AddDir function…

Still haven’t answered my first question. Not to be a total ass about it, but I’m curious about what you DID change.

Also, unless the models you’re using came with their own shell ejection (Highly unlikely unless they happen to be CSS skins, which they aren’t.), the issue that Mad Cows’ Base’s shell eject code looks for an attachment that doesn’t exist on your model. If you happen to know how to script, you could probably fix this quickly by specifying angles and positions for the two SWEPs that need to be fixed. (In case you DO know, here’s a hint: lua/effects/effect_mad_shell/init.lua )

Good day.

I’m not really an expert at Lua, like Generic Default or Mighty Lolrus, but I’m getting there. I’ll try out what you said. Also, I modified the sniper base for the SVD, as some things were missing, such as the reload function.

must ask, where are these models from

Kuma Games.

[sarcasm]This is the best release i have EVER SEEN.[/sarcasm]

Why post? Look, I’m not saying it’s the best, but have YOU made any releases?

My code is crap, so i don’t release.
Main reason i dislike this thread;
There is no download button/link, release threads usually have those.