View all scripts running client-side for players?

Is there any plugin/addon/script, server-side, to view every script running client-side on someone’s gmod?
Or is it even possible?

Like, say an admin thought someone was using a lua aimbot, it would help if they could say in console “showscripts <name>”, then it would show every script they currently have running.

Possible, or already made?

I do not know if there is, but there is a way to block any client-sided luas
( i don’t know how but it’s definitely possible )

sorry for the information lacking post :stuck_out_tongue:

you can check their hooks etc, but i dont think its very possible and some scripts isnt detectable

My server has scriptenforcer turned on, but some people can still bypass it. And one script I have, it has a comment on it that it changes its hooks… Or something? So it can’t be detected. Or is it possible to show what they have in lua/autorun and lua/autorun/client, and to give a message if anyone lua_openscript_cl’s?

you can only bypass it with a .dll (there are some other ways though) loaded in the menu env, if they came that far i think they just override hook.Call or something

I know TnB has something to do this.

I know it’s easy bypassable.

More effective way would be SE2 + override hook.Call and concommand.Add in enum.


Still bypassable though.