View and World model problem

as the title says i have some problems with some view and world models :confused:
So, my problem with the world model is that the ammo drop thingy attachment is not working.

Attachment “2” “ValveBiped.Eject” 0 0 0 rotate 0 0 0


The second problem is one with a view model.
When i decompile and recompile it, a few animations are rotated :confused:

Left one is pre the recompile and the right one is after doing that.

It would be awsome if somebody could look over it. I put the the blender files inside it too.

Thanks :qsex101:

As for the viewmodel animations being fucked, you need to rotate them frame by frame, either manualy or with a script. Been doing that quite often [video][/video]

Hm okay, i hoped for another way :<
I just hope that somebody could help me with the ammo drop attachment

The skeleton is probably being delted on compile.

Add $bonemerge bonename
For every bone in the model under $cdmaterials but above any $sequence line in the qc.

Didnt work :frowning:

A steam buddy helped me out ^^
With a lower Crowbar version the animations dont break while decompiling.

But the attachment problem is still there. :confused:
Tried Attachment “2” “ValveBiped.Eject” 0 0 0 rotate 0 0 0 too