View center?

I’m remaking abit of my code, I came with this code to make the vehicles view acts not as static:ply:SetEyeAngles(LerpAngle(0.1, ((ply.PATAng or Veh:GetAngles())- Veh:GetAngles())+ ply:EyeAngles(), Angle(0,90,0))) ply.PATAng = Veh:GetAngles()That is ran every frame, it does the job, but the camera jitters allot when turning, should I try to LerpAngles the second time, tried last time didn’t work, this looks too cool to quit upon, so had to make a “last hope” thread.

And I have just realized that I’ve posted in the wrong section, one of those “derp” moments right? Sorry I meant to post it in questions sections.

Apparently another part of my script was conflicting with it, had to rewrite the larger portion of the script, but fixed now.