View Clips Near Eyes

I wanted to make a script that lets you choose your size, useful for making maps appear bigger. One of the problems is, that there seems to be a clipping plane in front of the eyes, where nothing is rendered behind it.
Is there any way to change that?

yes , my trird person script with the distance set to 1



Change the FOV.

It’s probably due to the near plane being too far. I don’t remember any console command or Lua function which allows you to change it, so I guess you’ll have to ask Garry.


You sure that’s a good solution?

I thought about setting the actual view origin behind the head, and decrease the FoV for that. Wouldn’t work that well on tiny sizes though.


And let’s see if Garry finds this thread :v:

It works fairly well. Maybe not for the scale he is using.

Found that there is something called znear “Near Clipping Distance”. Could there be any override using **[Render.RenderView](** which uses Camera Data … ?

I love you.
I already was on this page some time ago, but I couldn’t remember znear.

Have fun

It bugs a little bit (rendering & postprocessing errors), I noticed CalcView in the source engine has znear and zfar parameters. Gonna try that now.

Please post your results if it works, I need something like this as well