View glitch on my map, please help!


How would I fix the view glitch on my recently created custom map?

Here’s a picture of what I am experiencing:

Thanks a lot in advance for the help! :slight_smile:

Looks like you have a gigantic leak. How’s it look in Hammer? I’d assume you haven’t covered that hole with a skybox texture.

I didn’t spot any leaks when I went around. I have never used the skybox texture in any of my versions and this is the only version that has done this. This glitch appears when facing any corner while in any corner. Any idea where it/the leak(s) would be?

In Hammer, go to “Map” -> “Load Pointfile”. Is a red line appears in your map, follow it to the leak and seal your map.

If you have no leak, the ‘glitch’ might occur through z-clipping. Go to your env_fog and check the “Far Z clip plane” value.
Also try these commands:

r_farz "-1" // Override the far clipping plane. -1 means to use the value in env_fog_controller.
r_fastzreject "0" // Activate/deactivates a fast z-setting algorithm to take advantage of hardware with fast z reject. Use -1 to default to hardware 

Post your compile log, but it’s probably a leak.

Looks like a leak