View model programming, for an armour view system.

Hey guys I’m currently creating a cool little system that allows you to see what type of armour (<— real english spelling) someone is wearing, kind of how Clockwork does it but rather than just changing your actual model it attaches it to your current player model. another good way to say how it works is what PAC does just minus the PAC addon.

I have searched the Garry’s Mod LUA website @, I believe i have a fairly decent understanding of what a lot is being said but I might just be missing some key information and was curious if someone can help get me started on this path. Mind you I’m not asking for a hand out but rather just a good nudge on where I should be looking.

Clavus’ SCK (Swep Construction Kit) can do it excellently, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Not really I did end up finding what I was looking for on Gmod LUA I was totally blind for a few days but I will keep the thread open too see if anyone else has any suggestions.