View obbfiles for android games

anyone know how to make the data show up in the obb folder on my phone? I cannot figure out how to do this. the game has to be installed on my phone, and I have to play it some in order for the game to download the data, like the 3d models, so I need to get those 3d models from the game that is installed on my phone.

We don’t using the Moblie Phone to view the game files. PC is the best choice we can take a look on most of games, and most of tools compatible.

Open Android’s .obb file isn’t hard, just rename the file extension to .zip or .rar then open it in WinRAR. (Also works .apk)

Depend it on what the game you want to extact. Not every of game you can get the 3D model, its very depend on what the game engine is. My own experience is Unity Engine. So far the tools are available, I suggest to use Unity Studio, the tool can support every game up to Unity 5, also can export the model with skinning and bones. (Some games may not able to, I have no clue.)