View points, npc control

Well, basically I am making an RTS gamemode, and I need some help. I’m pretty sure my only choices for controlling the units/npcs will be by using **[NPC.NavSetGoal](**, **[NPC.SetTarget](**, and **[NPC.AddRelationship](**. Only problem is…I have not the slightest clue how to use the 1st two.

Also, I let myself hope using **[Entity.SetMoveType](** with movetype isometric was not to good to be true…but as it turns out it will not work for me :expressionless: And I know its asking a bit much…but could someone maybe walk me through how to make a top down view with no player model present…like an rts would be lol

the first one sets what position the npc should try to move to. and ahem the second one… not sure but i think thats the almost same as the first but it sets an Entity instead. I would use SetEnemy if you want to set what they should attack.