View the model I'm skinning?

Is there a program to view a model with it’s VTF on it so I can see how I’m doing skinning it? Like, I wanted to get a small logo onto a vehicle, but looking at the VTF, I can’t tell what part is the area to place it. And I want to be able to edit the VTF, and then use a program to see what I did thus far.

So, Help?

You mean like SDK? Simple

  1. Skin what model you want

  2. Save it

  3. Open VTFedit and hit import

  4. Find the skin and chose it

  5. Save the VTF as the skin you want to replace ( Say the original VTF was Citizen Sheet, then name the new VTF Citizen Sheet)

  6. Place the VTf in the folder of the skin you want to replace

  7. Now take that pack’s (Say its a citizen pack) models and materials and place in any game folder (CSS,HL2.DOD:S etc)

  8. Open Source SDK and chose the engine and what game you put the folders in (Example- If you put the materials and models in Tf2, then chose EP2 and then Team Fortress 2)

  9. Open model viewer and find the model folder

  10. Chose model once found and now it will be in SDK

HLMV is what most people use, though mine doesn’t work so I can’t. I just import/hex whatever it is i’m doing into GMod see if it works then come back out (which i’m assuming thats what your doing currently).

You could also, if your just checking the texture, decompile it and open it in a modelling program (i’d suggest Milkshape but then I would :P) and ally the texture(s) onto it to check. I’ve also got another program to do this with but its not something that could be used for GMod skin testing very easily (and requires the model to be decompiled also and converted to a format that is not of Source).

Edit: Damn Ninja’d (but then I did take a while writing this).

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

And yeah Silver, thats what I’ve been doing, it takes forever for my crap computer to go in and out though :slight_smile:

np :slight_smile: and it takes my marvelous computer forever to go in and out aswell (granted I have 10GB of addons to load :P)