View Twitter/RSS feeds to servers players

I stumbled upon an idea here…
What do you want?**
Since nobody ever reads the announcements in the steam-groups (as I also judge notify group members very poorly of those) I am Tweeting everything out to the masses.
Just like ASSMod provides the advert function to have text displayed on top of the UI - I would really like a news ticker of some sort - that works with the Twitter API - maybe even RSS feeds.
This would be a very effective way to bring around news on your servers, without going to each and every of them to start a new advert and remove the old one. Additionally you would possibly still have to post it on Twitter anyway.
It should be fairly easy to make - but retarded as I am - I am only able to code websites. My brain is simply unable to understand a bit of lua… Otherwise I’d take all the credit for such a script myself.
It would be great if anyone would make this for me, if not for everyone else - as I see great potential in this idea.

What do I get?
I do not exactly offer you any money…
What I do have to offer though, is a game server of 12 slots for testing and/or running your very own gamemode, the server will run under our community’s name, but if you have always dreamt of running your own gamemode and keeping it private - then this might be your chance.
Also. If you ever get any successful with running your own customized gamemode, I will increase the player count to your likings - although up to a certain limit depending on our setup if it is ever considered.
Last - this is maybe your only way to take ALL credit for what you do - since you are moving around in the area which you have developed the script for.