Viewing 3d Models Extracted from a Game

Okies, so I really have no idea what I’m doing and I’ve been Googling all over the interwebs trying to figure it out. At one point I ran into this site but have come back and decided to post in hopes someone can point me in the right direction. xD

My goal is to simply view 3d models from a Korean game called Queen’s Blade.

I have gotten as far using qbms to unpack the client files resulting in the mesh and bone files and such but I’m not sure what to do next.

I downloaded a program called Noesis and another called 3ds Max but I have no idea how they work or if they are even the appropriate programs for this. I did however manage to accomplish making a bunch of cones and circles in 3ds. 8D (Oh, I also have OgreMeshy)

I have uploaded a group of files that apply to 1 model in case anyone needs to take a look at them:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! ^-^

korean adult games… i have some models from that games

Haha ya. xD The EN version is actually going into alpha testing pretty soon.
But some models? =o I’m guessing it’s a lot of work to get just 1 then. xD

yes… but not rigged :slight_smile: my friends released some of them for Xnalara

I downloaded that program, then those models… what a fun program xD
Seems a bit more complicated than what I’m trying to accomplish though; dont need the fancy pose options, just the ability to view the models. I could be wrong though. Wish I knew how to do it haha. Def keeping the program though.