Viewing custom models in HLMV

I’ve been placing my models in the EP1 directory (for me, it’s common/Half-Life 2/episodic/models), but whenever I load up the EP1 model viewer, it says the models don’t exist. I can see the file sitting in the file browser - example.mdl is selectable, I mean, and if I create any folders inside the EP1 directory, I can see them sitting there - but whenever I try to open any model that didn’t come with Half-Life 2, HLMV just gives me an error that the model “doesn’t exist.”

I’ve set the SDK configurations, verified cache, and all that, but I’ve had no luck. Any ideas?

Shameless bump, because I’ve had no luck on this front. Google is unhelpful.

Don’t bump after one day, wait at least a week please.
But concerning your problem, I just tested putting models in that directory and my model viewer wouldn’t even recognize them being there. My Ep1 model viewer still searches at this location: steamapps\USERNAME\half-life 2 episode one\episodic\models
Are you using the 2009 Ep1? because using a previous version is the only other issue I can think of creating that problem.