Viewmodel Creation?

I’ve made plenty of c_models in blender but now i want to make a viewmodel for HL2/CS:S (whichever is easier). Are viewmodels supposed to include the hands as well?

Is there a tutorial on this kinda thing?

Viewmodels are basically dynamic props, with several animations. You need a good detailed gun model, preferably optimised for the angle it will be viewed from, and arm models (there’s both the hl2 and css hands in the sdk content). The gun needs to have its own bones in the rig, and then animate each separate activity-look at the viewmodel you’re going to be replacing for animation timing and name reference. Compile everything and use the $origin qc command to get the model in the right place-use the modelviewer viewmodel mode to check. that done, compile it over the existing model name and it should have replaced it.

Animating viewmodels is tough, as they have to look pretty convincing being right up in the player’s face. Take a good long time practising animating (you can practice with the existing uncompiled viewmodels in the sdk content) until you get the hang of it. It’s a long and painful process, so don’t expect good results straight off the bat.

EDIT I recommend you use XSI modtool- it’s free, good for animating, has plenty of support for source and can be used to open lots of sdk content models, such as the viewmodels. Couple of good tutorials here and here.

I’ve tried XSI but ultimately i find that i’m best with Blender.

So what i gather is that you make the weapon model in its own file then give it a weapon bone? (i assume it’s the same bone that TF2 weapons use).

Once I’ve finished the model i can compile it then test it with the hand model, right?

If someone could post an example QC i’d probably have a way easier time.