Viewmodel keeps disappearing!!?

This one is okay, but it only stays for a few secs and then…

This happens. It’s pretty annoying, as I prefer to have the gun models ON my screen.

Here are my current Addons:

Diving (Zoey’s addon)
Mirror’s Edge Hands
Perfected Climb Swep (Spy and Zoey)
Simple Mantle
Zoey’s Sliding Ability

Is it a ClientsideModel?

Wow nearly all of those addons will conflict with it.

Are you sure you have the latest version of my tool? The one from toybox or addon v1_02? I thought I solved this issue.

I have ToyBox version.

And it always happened before I even used your addon, so there’s nothing wrong with the actual ADDON

Remove some addons, looking at the simple mantle code it hides viewmodels

sharpeY would conflict i think… Try removing it

Do you even know what SharpeYe does?

SWEP Construction kit is -bad to say- extremely buggy. I’ve encountered that many times. Just ignore it. Does that happen in all of your weapons?

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