Viewmodel Question (Video Examples)

What happened to view-models looking like this? (random video from feb 2013):

It’s the new c_models – which support playermodel hands vs the old v_models, which are from CS:S and have a set hand mesh. You can revert them by editing the weapon files, changing c_ to v_ in the model path, and setting SWEP.UseHands to false.

I did that and it just shows up as an error over my head, I have Counter-Strike: Source installed and checked.

You have to delete /cstrike/ from the path.

May I see what your Counter-Strike: Source view models look like in game if you don’t mind?

Here’s the v_model for the AK

Alright, now if you want, can you set the game mode to Trouble in Terrorist Town, and pick up a weapon? My bad, I didn’t specify.

The model by default is just going to be the c_model. Otherwise, I can just go to the AK weapon file and change the path to the v_model like I said earlier.

This is what it looks like when I change the view-model for a TTT weapon.

< TTT (SWEP.UseHands = false, SWEP.ViewModel = “models/weapons/v_pist_deagle.mdl”)

It’s very close, and to the left, instead of how it should look…


SWEP.ViewModelFOV & SWEP.ViewModelFlip

But the viewmodel_fov in css is 54. MaxOfS2D should’ve just had a simple option to disable it client side instead of forcing servers to use it.