Viewmodel rigging in Blender

I’m still new to the whole thing…

So since no rig satisfies me, I’ll just make my own. This however, brings several problems;

a) I am completely inexperienced in rigging, and I’m using blender 2.7 with Source tools from the wiki. Should I use something else instead (that’s free)?

b) The weapon I want to rig is already a viewmodel of a different weapon, a SWEP. I want to take just the model, remove the preexisting hands, then re-rig it as a c_model replacement of a hl2 weapon (Ar2).

c) Where is the hands_reference.smd? There’s a reference.smd in the decompiled c_arms_animation.mdl, but is that the one?

d) The tutorials on the wiki are confuse. What good alternative tutorials are there on the internet?

Sorry if this also a dumb thread…