Viewmodel SFM RIG? Request? SFM to TF2 viewmodel animations

Hello everyone, I’ve been working with custom viewmodel animations in the SFM, these animations CAN be ported to SFM but I am limited because I have no rig, I am humbly requesting that someone please make an SFM animation rig for c_spy_arms, what would be even better is a universal rig for all 9 classes viewmodels that may be asking too much, I have fiddled around with making my own rig but to no avail. My current project is a spy animation redux.

I’ve already worked around the sequencing issue seen in this video(both online and offline), but I am limited because I do not have a rig, here’s a sample video, the only animation changed as of now is the secondary reload(ambassador/enforcer etc)

why are you make a thread aday for the same thing

The project is the same but the need is different, before it was about porting animations now, it’s about a rig to properly animate

…you could have done this in five minutes if you just took the time to figure it out. Next time, please Request in the SFM section instead of annoying these poor modelers (or you know offer to play a buck or two.)

I’m going to be generous and give you TWO different versions. One With my patented IK fingers the other with the fingers Untouched…

Now Stop bugging the threads.

I know this thread is 7 years old, but could you fix the link?