Viewmodels becoming invisible

I seem to have an issue with the new c_models for the viewmodels, in this case, with the updated Mad Cows base.

It seems that every now and then, when there’s a desync between the client and the server, like let’s say, they get a lag spike for example, their viewmodels all become invisible, even with the standard HL2 weps. I made a test and it seems not affect the old viewmodels, the ones that used the same arms regardless of your player model.

The only way I’ve found to fix it was to do record 1; stop in the console, but that’s kind of annoying.

Anyone knows what’s up with that?

I’m having issues with invisible c_models as well. I’m running on the new developmental built. If you are as well, that may be the issue.

A better way to fix it if you have cheats enabled is to do cl_fullupdate.

I wish it wasn’t a cheat, I see no reason for it to be v:v:v

How to fix it permanently, I don’t think there is a way, especially if it does it with stock HL2 weapons.

this has been a bug for ages.
i only managed to reproduce it once.
i suspect it is a problem in the mad cow base with something to do with an animation reset or something.

The c_models are broken on the dev branch. Either deal with the issue until it’s fixed, or get off the branch.

So it does that with c_models as a whole? As in, any base that uses c_models? Not just Mad Cows?

No they are not. The hands are not created in sandbox and that’s all.

Yeah, just tested that. I thought they were broken all together.