Viewtiful Joe Models

I’m really looking forward to joe and the others in gmod, any supports…

Hmm…not a big Viewtiful Joe fan myself, but if you’re looking for a good model of him, you could always request the MvC3 version. That’s probably the best one you’re going to get.

And I’ll support this because I have a friend and a cousin who like Joe, so even though I don’t I can at least use him in any poses I might make for them.

I support this.

Well getting Joe from mvc 3 is okey but silvia and Captain Blue, they have to be ripped from the actual Viewtiful Joe game.

Try from the PS2 versions.

Yeah i’d want this too, Viewtiful Joe is the one i’d like only though, i guess the Game Cube versions would be easiest, i don’t know what level of difficulty all that rigging stuff is but i hear Nintendo systems are easiest.

Sorry to double post, but.

Gotta Viewtiful Joe model right here,

just need someone to port him,

(He has Textures, just not in the picture, i don’t know how to put all of the textures on at once in Blender yet, im a beginner.)



The models resource now has models from all three of the Game Cube games.

well we can only get silvia, and captain blue from the gamecube.

The only game out of those 3 that even has Viewtiful Joe as a download is Red Hot Rumble, and his model’s graphics are pretty low quality, The model shown above is his newest and best so far, Marvel Vs Capcom 3 version which is not on the Models Resource.