Vigilante 8 Battle Scene

this is my first pose, and even then im not sure if its a pose or not (no ragdolls). Well, anyways, here is the link to the album (pictures didn’t work).

the first one on the left of the bottom row is the finished picture.


Please post, i worked hard on these…

Why not using IMG tags?

read the post, moron.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

You worked hard on this?
Some random vehicle posing and that horrible in game explosion effect. You need to raise your standards and aim higher than this.

And don’t rate yourself.

Jeez, Take a chill pill before the next post man.

And before you call people moron. See it wasn’t that hard.

rastifan, when i did it it did not work, ok? ill try again now.


it still ain’t working…

This is bad for the following reasons;

  • You made it in multiplayer
  • HUD
  • Ugly models
  • Boring
  • It looks like they are parked ontop of each other… there is no feeling of motion to anything
  • The map is ugly
  • Use of ingame explosions

“A green car am my was was flat” and the “55” health was honestly the best thing in the pictures.

I’d try again. Use the camera tool, it should get rid of your HUD completely. Also, follow what these other fine gentlemen said. :v:

Given Box, This is just disgusting…


No offense.

Lot of battle ready old women parking in BigCity.

I was ready to nostalgia when I read the title :frown:

this picture is just so bad

i mean holy shit you could NOT get any worse

oh goddamn son you’ve managed to give me eye damage just from gazing upon these ugly photos.


and it doesn’t help if you call someone a moron just because they criticise you; you’re only going to get hated back, and even more so.

Dude, chill, it could be worse.

I mean, uh, he could’ve tried to edit them :s

Bigcity isn’t good for city poses unless you make a scenebuild or hide the horrible repetitiveness of the buildings.

If you had some drivers in the cars, better angles, a less ugly map, and if you learned how to edit then this might be better.

And, you don’t need to include ‘behind the scenes’ for a pose like this, at all. for a huge pose with about 50 ragdolls and an amazing scenebuild, yes, but for a bunch of car props haphazardly chucked around it’s not exactly necessary.

um…i mean, im really bad at it too but…wow…it requires talent to be that…-shivers,shuts down computer and runs away -

How about someone actually give this man criticizing instead of saying that’s its bad…

  1. HUD is showing.
  2. Ugly Models.
  3. In-Game Explosions=BAD
  4. Bad map.

And whatever else people feel it wrong with it. (Them)

CoughCould’ve used thisCough