Vii's Contraption Montage

So Windows Movie Maker had a huge update today, pulling it out of the beta status and into it’s final release, all prepped up and ready for Windows7. With that, and my nearly found Ren and Stimpy Production Music, i was inspired to take random footage of candid contraptions i built… It’s just a quick video i put together in an hour to see what all was new in movie maker.

Oops accidentally rated agree. I liked the contraptions, I just wished there were more :slight_smile:

Nice montage you did. Unless you made this.

Uhm, why yes, i made the contraptions, and the montage… Atleast i made all the contraptions i stood atop of. I wish i had a better shot of the giant squid i was trying to shoot at, but it went underwater as i was turning on my fraps! Those things are so rare!

Movie maker still sucks. I’m not saying the movie was bad or anything, but get a real man’s video editing software like After Effects or Sony Vegas

As soon as i have that much money to blow on software i’ll never use professionally, sure! Untill then, i’m saving up for a Fanatec Porsche steering while for Forza3 o.o

those are all awesome i like the ship the most