Viking rolls and shoots its "big thing".

Sure. It has its giant thing.
Does anyone know if anyone have released extra models such as battle cruiser?

I came in expecting legit vikings :frowning:

The muzzleflashes look very pasted on.

Still, Pretty cool.
But that battle cruiser seem’s tad small.
and the effort to make it blurred is good.

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Not to mention it’s only one of the barrel.

Now, looking into it.
it seem’s to be badly selected.
you can see some line’s that doesn’t belong to the picture.

Isolation error at three o’ clock, cap’n!

We’ve spotted an unexpected error; We’re down! We’re down!


Battlecruiser at the background: image edit or model?

if model: please link it.

I wish it was a model.
I’ll try to request to some porters if they can do it.

It’s supposed to be like that.
A chain gun only fires from the topmost barrel. It is designed to have multiple barrels on rotation because with the rate of fire that they’re supposed to have, a single air-cooled barrel would overheat within a matter of seconds and begin fusing with the bullets as they pass through it. That would suck.

But I’ll agree about the editing. The muzzle flashes look pasted on, and lack in translucency and brightness. I suppose from a photography standpoint you could say that they’re dimmer than they should be since the lights on the cruiser overhead are blindingly bright…?
A few isolation errors as have been noted, and I think maybe you could have blurred the innermost edges on the model.
That’d give it the appearance of kicking through the gunsmoke and ashes as it walks through.

I quite like it though, I’ve always loved city destruction scenes.

I find many isolation errors, but it’s nice otherwise.

I still love them

Well, I supposed to upload the Viking in gm_construct, but the background looked so bad.
You know, it’s not that easy for me to cut only viking from non-simple background, anyway thanks for advice.

Why did you not pose it in the colour room, then use a green or white background to isolate from?

Fight or flight? Yeah right.