Vikings from warband's Vikingr mod

So we have all these modern soldiers and almost nothing pre-ww2. So I wanted to pose some Vikings recently but I could only find some guy with a bear pelt from PVK. I I’m wondering if someone could port or rip some Vikings, weapons and shields from Vikingr. You can get the mod here.
We really need more pre-WW2 stuff for gmod.[/t][t][/t][t][/t][t][/t][t]

Hahahah xD “pre WW2 stuff”
I think this could be really cool for making armies and such. Om man, just imagine making epic medival battle scenes. Even if Mount’n’Blade is really low-poly the models are awesome for huge battle scenes!
Hands up for MnB! Hurray!

Yeah, seriously I don’t think I’ve even ever seen WW1 models let alone something from before that.

There are some medival models out there.
The Pirates Vikings Knights 2 models are really good, high poly and about 4 different viking ragdoll models.

Its also very sad that theres no WW1 modles anywhere.
But theres a serious mod team building a WW1 mod for Red Orchestra 2. And as soon as they luanch their mod I’ll push eweryone on this site to rig them! But that won’t happen this year probably.