Vilayer LTD. My opinion.

Hi, I am addemod. :]

We honestly don’t want to hear an opinion when it’s literally just “omg vilayer sucks”. It actually is less of an opinion and more of a bashing upon Vilayer. I mean there’s a point when it’s constructive criticism and a point when it’s just throwing insults at the company. You honestly couldn’t name one good thing they did?


and to be brutally honest, we don’t really care about your opinion on a server host. Isn’t there some part of their site where you can send them constructive criticism? The owner probably won’t read it here and people who do read it won’t care. So you essentially missed your target audience too.

Okey. :slight_smile:

Oh and brutally honest, I don’t really care about your opinion to what I say.

Oh, and I actually said that it worked like a charm 5 hours ago.

You don’t care about my opinion? You’re just stirring people up to get a reaction now. I mean come on, I tell you that it probably wasn’t a smart idea because you’re missing your audience (which you apparently didn’t get - that’s vilayer) and you tell me you don’t care? Haha, come on man. Grow up a bit and learn to take some criticism if you do stupid stuff here.

Oh boy, here we go.

Oh goodie, I needed some entertainment for the day.

Have honestly never really had any major problems with Vilayer, and ticket response time is pretty quick as far as I have experienced.

Yeah, you should probably just leave or something.


I like to see other people on the forums other than myself get rated “dumb” :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for the heads up. I’m looking for a new host for my MC server.

This is Facepunch. You don’t deserve your opinion.

This is facepunch, where any and every comment can get lit on fire and burn in a mass of flames comparable only to Hell or a Nuclear Explosion