Vin Diesel and Hannah Montanna fight off Aliens plus many more!

I haven’t posted anything in a long time so I decided to post a couple of pictures I have made recently. Nothing special really, mainly editing and posing practice, kinda.

Sorry if they take awhile to load. I hope you enjoyed them.

Lol. I need to get that Hanny Montanny ragdoll so I can burn it.

Me too.

Why do you have borders on all of them?

Kickass work. You got the realistic walking stance down almost perfectly, and not many can do that. You bad. You bad.

What’s the model used in this one:

I like how that one soldier carries a picture frame around wtih him, cool pics

Posings great, pretty cool man

The guy on the right in what I can only presume is a Militia pose (the guys with the FALs) looks a bit stiff.
Everything else is beautiful.

Fook’n Awesome!

I want that biospy model

Also they’re gonna CENSORED BY FBI Montannah!

I do that to all my edits, its kinda like my watermark in a way.

They are all great

Really awesome but I see many red x’s :c i want to see them all :stuck_out_tongue:

W00T ? Giant mutant pen0r ?

Nice pics, it’s pretty cool even if some models you used are not face poseable.

Great. Nice, consistent work.

You put the same effect on every picture.

That ruined them, for me.

Skinned horse(atleast that’s what it seems like to me)

I love the Harley Quinn pic. Looks just like an Arkham Asylum shot, way to go man.

These are all really great. The only one I didn’t really like quite as much was the pyro shot.

So cool. What’s that monster model in that one?