Vindictus Darkknights and Paladins

This includes both phases of Darkknight and Paladin forms.
[SUP]Download Link:[/SUP]
Some release pictures:

Credits goes to Nexon and devcat for making these models.

Need moar, Succubus etc

are those fingerposable? re-rigged? bodygroups?

how do u install this

Succubus? Try looking at the “Vinductus model porting thread” i got her from there.

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A “?” is really hard to write, is it? If a downloaded content has a folder which has an info.txt in it, that folder goes right into your ADDONS folder. If no info.txt file is in the downloaded stuff, then dump models, materials, etc folders into your main garrysmod folder.

Please use that damn question mark.

That dosent explain what i want to know, i mean how to install in garrysmod, do i put it in addons, or garrysmod>garrysmod

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Thats all i wanted to know

I need help with the model’s.
But i reckon the problem is with the VMT files.

Both the paladins and dark knight’s are glossy as hell and look really terrible.

Someone up to couple it with a proper vmt?