Vindictus model port to GMod

Some guy did it a while ago, but I’m not sure how.
All of the main files are in some sorta .HFS format and I can’t seem to find a way to read them.
Anyone knows what format this is and how to read it?

I found the .HFS files within the game. GCF scape can’t open it and i can’t find any info on how to open it.
Also if any one knows how to start the game with the console open please say. I tried putting -console into the starting options along with -tools and neither did anything…but they probably locked that down for a good reason.

options -> keyboard, then click the button that says advanced and tick the enable console box.

Do you even have Vindictus installed? that was the first thing i checked and no its not there.

Ah sorry i thought you were asking about GMod not some other game.

Vindictus’ options dialog has the advance keyboard thing removed. The only way I could say to get to console is some how bind a key to console WITHOUT console. Which is probably impossible with Vindicus’ config file. Survey Says: **IMPOSSIBLE WITH OUT MODIFICATIONS.

You can’t open it with a GCF reader because they’re not GCFs. It’s in an entirely different format that isn’t related to GCF files.
I’m still trying to figure out if .hfs is for Mac Disk image files or some other thing that doesn’t exist yet. @A@


ALSO, I’m pretty sure the guy who ported a few models over was using the Korean version, so maybe that one didn’t have all of the main files in HFS format.