Vindictus models pack

**Name : **Vindictus models misc pack

Credits : original models and texture : devcat , porting and retexture : jwk987

Requirements : Garry’s Mod

**Includes : **Robe characters [not include vella , kay] , Lann nightmare set , Polar bear , baby gremlin [pet]



I will continue update for vindictus models pack. :rock:
if you find any errors, please post an error.
Then I’ll fix the problem. :dance:

**Images :


I can’t upload to workshop, sorry.
thanks for devcat.

all update does not apply to an existing file.
Must be obtained separately.


yay gremlins

great job! i would love to see more characters from the game!

Lann recoloring texture …

First decent thing Ive seen since the “Skyrim Mega pack” on facepunch.
Good job.

I’d be more interested to see some female characters in the next update. (;

I want to publish to third update.

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:eng101: other models exist. Succubus, gnolls , Paladin and Dark Knight.
this isn’t porting by me.

It’s just a reupload.

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gnolls links is dead.
i’ll re-upload for gnolls, when tomorrow.

Lann Prince set .
and recoloring texture .

  • Next update is an female character!

Sorry,didn’t look at the OP properly.
But still Good job.

Most of the hooded models are missing collisions and appear only as effects for me.

Alright, that sounds good, mate. ^^

nice to see vindictus stuff

Is Tieve going to be ported?

Her model is included in the game files, so most likely yes.

Don’t forget her (major plot spoiler) [sp]goddess form with the fancy wings[/sp].

Most of the hodded models are Originally effect.
because, They are the same for other models.

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Yes. porting is possible.
but, must modify the phymodel.SMD problem.

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I’m looking for Vella porting, I cause me long time to figure out how to compile the model in tutorial.
Btw, keep it up :slight_smile:




Evy wonder land set…

This model needs to be modified.

But I can’t modify …
If i modify, the phymodel.smd Is tangled.

You forgot a .vvd file for the evy_dance model.

Forgive me for being late.
Here is the evy fix.

Ah its ok.
Thanks for the fix anyways.